2011 Not So Annual Anymore Boat Party and Race For The (coveted) Goulais Cup

19 03 2011

Arrrrrgh!  Me hearties one and all, ye be sure t’ avail yerself o’ the week’s end partakin’s.  They be 16 and 17 July an’ takin’ place on th’ shores o’ Goulais Bay.   Aye!  2031 Mission Road a’ bein’ hosted by Cap’ns Wayne an’ Jenni Madden.

There be a number o’ things ye’d be wantin’ knowin’ so pay me yer heed as I speak me mind regardin’ em:

  • If ye needs t’ be bunkin with us, ye needs t’ stake out yer hammock ‘r tent on 15 July upon th’ Friday evenin’.  Ye’d be best t’ bring yer tent, yer torches, ‘n’ yer booty t’ share as th’ Cap’ns Madden be presentin’ a barbecue on Saturday fer yer pleasure an’ from henceforth o’ th day, we’ll be sharin’ huntin’ spoils n treasures o’ the sea amongst us pirates as be fittin’ our generous pirate selves of which we are.  Scallywags not contributin’ loot n’ booty t’ the pot, well… ye be lookin’ at a long walk off a short plank, ya see, maytee, inta th’ throat o’ Davy Jones’ locker, ye see.

  • Ye’ll also be rememberin’ t’ make yer way t’ the LCBO or makin’ yer stop at th’ Duty Free Shop on th’ foreign shores o’ Michigan afore crossin’ o’er th’ sea t’ be snaggin’ yer grog n yer rum fer the week’s end.  Again, the Madden Crew bein’ th’ generous, sharin’ lot o’ pirates as whom we all are, shall be sharin’ their rum an’ grog but when it be gone, it be gone an’ if there are parched throats, it be a long, sober way t’ th’ LCBO t’ wet yer whistle, me lads n’ wenches.

  • An’ if ye plans t’ sail yer rig in th big regatta, ye needs to come out to the Madden’s vessel on Friday’s evenin’ to shove off and weigh anchor in th’ sea t’ be savin’ yer spot on the Race’s roster at the morrow.

  • All young scallywags bein’ under th’ age o’ 14 y’ars best be comin’ with a mum ‘r dad in tow ‘r ye too’ll be tossed in th’ scullery, swabbin’ th’ deck ‘r tied to th’ yardarm ‘r whatever suits the fancy o’ the Cap’n on duty at th’ time.   Of’course, if ye has th’ kind permission of the Madden Crew afore th’ week’s end, after checkin’ with yer mums an’ yer dads, then yer kindly welcome aboard.

  • An’ just ye be rememberin’ those heartees  who’ve turned in fer th’ night after a long sail an’ be keepin’ yer counsel ‘n holdin’ yer tongue from the witchin’ hours o’ that falls between midnight n’ 7:00 a.m.

  • Bein’ as we pirates ‘r  kind folk, respectin’ most o’ th’ laws o’ th’ land, ye must nay start a fire on any land which be other than th’ pit o’ fire upon the beach

  • And seein’ as the above statement declares us bein’ respectful o’ th’ law, there’ll nay be imbibin’ o’ th’ rum ‘r th’ grog upon settin’ sail in a vessel which remains unanchored in a manner which purports to go out t’ sea.

  • O’ course ye’ll be bringin’ yer instruments o’ musical persuasion t’ make merry ‘n’ raise a glass ‘r dance a jig upon th’ commencement o’ th’ day ‘r when th’ mood strikes yer soul.

  • Bathin’ trunks’ll be a necessary accoutrement ye’ll be needin’ in case ye happens not t’ be sure-footed on deck when alightin’ from a boat upon th’ shore ‘r vice versa an’ in th’ case o’ ye walkin’ th’ plank fer a misdeed, ye see.

  • If ye don’t be feelin’ a fancy t’ sail, ye can be bringin’ yer own manner o’ water vessel, such bein’ floaty toys, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, motor boats, r’ rubber dinghys.

  • Ye’ll be rememberin’ yer P.F.D.s along with yer vessels, yer bug spray fer all manner o’ bitin’ pests, ‘n’ yer sunscreen if ye is nay wantin’ t’ be kin o’ th’ sea lobster at days end.


Boat Party 2009 Dates

18 03 2009

Announcing the official dates for the 8th annual Boat Party and the 6th Race for the (coveted) Goulais Cup……

*drum roll please*

August 1st and 2nd 2009

Boat Party 2008

14 02 2008
The 2008 Annual Boat Party and (coveted) Goulais Cup All-Sail Regattta 
August 2nd & 3rd 2008
Please Mark Your Calendars!


1 03 2007
  July 14th and 15th 2007 
 6th Annual Boat Party 
 5th Goulais Cup All-Sail Reggata!!

WINNER of Race 2006

22 07 2006
2006 (coveted) Goulais Cup Winner 
Reggae, skipper – Paul, crew – Ellen H.

 Second Runner-Up

AnnChovy, skipper Rachel, crew – Ryan & Sean O

Third Runner-Up
Felix the Cat(amaran), skipperYooJay, crew Jesus


22 07 2006
The Goulais Cup Racing Association gratefully acknowledges the outstanding performance by Men w/ Rugged Good Looks (rockin’ your mom since 2006), the award-winning band from Sault Sainte Marie Michigan. 
Earlier this year, MW/RGL captured FIRST PLACE in the SAHS Talent Show, only to go on to perform a roof-top, impromptu concert at a local establishment, The Antler’s, in Soo, Michigan.  Fronted by rhythm guitarist/lead singer/keyboard player, Ryan Gleason, the band has now travelled internationally to play some of their own music as well as some pretty darn good copies of tunes by U2, Coldplay and Foo Fighters, to name but a few.  The band’s lead guitarist , Davey G.,  pretty well stole the spotlight as he excecuted a well-rehearsed, hilarious striptease in his new little colorful, leopard-print board shorts given to him the day before by a couple of rilly silly fans.  Drummer Dennis Farney, wearing a tight pink shirt grabbed the mic, and dominated the stage during his performance of the band’s original song, "Tight Pink Shirt" (duh)  Not to be outdone, basisst, Mark Farney contributed his own brand of humor and chutzpah to the evening by his rendition of "Those Magic Moments".   As well, the band was joined unexpectedly by the ever-popular Sean, (O’Malley) the founding- (and only) member of his own band, 3-Door Garage.   Eljay, the bass player from The MaddOnes, also contributed to the evening and afternoon of fine rock -n- roll.


20 07 2006
July 15th & 16th 2006
"If you’re burned to a crisp, totally exhausted, every muscle & bone in your body is sore and you can say, ‘Let’s do it again next year’, Boat Party Weekend was a success!"